On Nov 3, 1:05 pm, Dan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hello,
> What is planned regarding support for Event Delegation within
> Prototype Core? I've been going back and forth between writing my own,
> grabbing one of the various implementations out there, or waiting
> around for support in core.
> I would of course prefer that it be part of Prototype Core as I could
> count on future support for it while having confidence in the solid
> thought put into the implementation (so please, please, please add
> this feature to Core!).
> If there are no immediate plans for implementing Event Delegation
> within Core, is there an implementation that the Core team recommends
> which would closely reflect a possible future Core implementation?

Event delegation is definitely one of the most important additions
that we have in mind (along with element wrappers). We just need to
deal with bugfixes before adding new features : )

Perhaps 1.6.1 is a good candidate for it (though such estimates are
obviously not official by any means).

Which addons were you using?

> Thanks,
> Dan

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