Hi all,

I don't seem to be seeing the unit test HTML files.  Apologies if I've
done something daft, but I'm running out the door so I thought I'd
ping in hopes of being able to work on stuff (I have a bunch of doc
tickets to deal with) later this afternoon.

I've installed Ruby, Git, etc. and have cloned the repo and
successfully built via rake dist.  According to the contribute page:

<< To see what unit tests look like, open up any of the HTML documents
found in test/unit/ in your browser.  They run automatically, so you
should see a flurry of green-colored rows after a few moments.>>

There aren't any HTML files in test/unit at all (there are several
JavaScript files that look like they may well implement certain
specific tests).  There are some HTML files elsewhere in the tree, but
so far nothing I've found looks like the bunch of green rows
described.  Could someone point me at it or give me an idea where I
may have gone astray?

Thanks in advance,
T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com
Independent Software Engineer, consulting services available

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