I wouldn't do a per platform distinction. The list would just be awful
to maintain with all the mobile platforms coming up.

The reasons you're seeing issues with running the tests:

1) UNITTEST_JS doesn't currently support running tests in WebKit on
windows. That should be corrected in UNITTEST_JS[1]. Feel free to send
me a push request.

2) CHROME requires that you provide the PATH to the CHROME app unless
it's the default one[2]. We should improve the code to throw a helpful
message in case Chrome can't be found at the given path.

Finally, I'd rather we waited for next release before updating that
page. Support for v8.0 coming soon just doesn't cut it imho.




On Mar 21, 12:08 pm, "T.J. Crowder" <t...@crowdersoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'd like to update the download page to show the operating systems on
> which different browsers are supported.  The page currently just says
> this:
> Mozilla Firefox: >= 1.5
> Microsoft Internet Explorer: >= 6.0
> Apple Safari: >= 2.0
> Opera: >= 9.25
> I have the impression Prototype supports Safari only on Mac OS, for
> instance, and not on Windows (since rake test won't test against
> safari on Windows).
> Anyone have the definitive list for  Here's my stab at it:
> Firefox:
> - Windows: v1.5+
> - Mac OS: v1.5+
> - Linux:  v1.5+
> Internet Explorer:
> - Windows:  v6.0 & v7.0; v8.0 coming soon
> Safari:
> - Windows:  Not at all?
> - Mac OS:  v2.0+
> Opera:
> - Windows:  v9.25+
> - Mac OS:  v9.25+?
> - Linux: v9.25+?
> I've listed version numbers there because I wouldn't be surprised if
> (for instance) Safari were supported in version 2 and up on Mac OS,
> but only 3.2 and up on Windows (Safari 3.0 on Windows having been.../
> not entirely successful/).
> Once we have a solid list, I'll update the page; and then update it
> again if the list changes in, as I expect it will (e.g., +IE8
> at least, perhaps Chrome?).
> Thanks,
> -- T.J. :-)
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