you would need to select elements starting the search from a context
node which is not actually possible with simple $$() (but there maybe
another way I don't actually know).

If you go the DOM way (getElementById and then getElementsByTagName)
all form elements have a "form" property which is a back reference to
the owning form if present.

Another property you may find useful is the "type" property also
available on all form elements. Checking one of these property in a
loop over the elements will be enough.

I am quite confident this will be possible shortly by using the
existing $$() method.

Diego Perini

On 19 Apr, 20:37, BenKeen <> wrote:
> Howdy folks,
> Quick question: is there a way to extract all elements within a
> specific node within a form? What I'm trying to do is get a list of
> form fields (select,radio,text input et al) within a particular <td>
> cell or <div> element.
> I can always achieve it by parsing the DOM element contents; I just
> wanted to know if there was a simpler method.
> Thanks!
> - Ben
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