you showed how to correctly use a context in Prototype selectors and
still perform fast (without repeating the context).

Another problem, from what I understand, is that this will only work
if the user doesn't care about the order of elements being returned or
if the order is known beforehand so the select can be written

Order will be important if the user need to serialize form elements,
also there exists methods in Prototype to do that, I just didn't know
what was the final objective of the OP.


On 20 Apr, 03:15, kangax <kan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Apr 19, 5:54 pm, Walter Lee Davis <wa...@wdstudio.com> wrote:
> > $$('#someNode input, #someNode textarea, #someNode select')
> $('someNode').select('input, textarea, select');
> [...]
> --
> kangax
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