Your goals sound about right.  Implicit in there, I think, is "make it easy
to deprecate PE at some later date".  At least, that's how I read it. :)

Re: #2 - Why not just use bind() to provide context?   I've never been a fan
of overloading arguments with multiple interpretations.   'Gets too
confusing, and makes the implementation that much uglier.

Re: #4 - I feel the ability to self-stop is more important than being able
to repeat() functions that aren't designed for it.  I _really_ feel that
making the self-stop behavior an optional add-on feature of PE is a bad
idea.  self-stop is an elegant pattern (IMHO) so forcing users to go through
the awkward PE API to get at it doesn't make sense.  Also, it makes
deprecating PE harder.

***Hmm...*** How about this as a solution:  Instead of having a function
return false to stop, have it "throw $break"!  I think that addresses your
concern, and is consistent with how Prototype does this sort of thing
elsewhere (in Enumerable).

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