On Wednesday 09 September 2009 09:02:28 Jim Higson wrote:

> > I see where you're coming from, but FWIW I'm with Allen on this one.
> > Also, there's no standard way to get the name of a function until
> > ECMAScript5 (which standardizes the truly outrageous idea that
> > function instances should have -- gasp! -- a "name" property), and at
> > the moment although Firefox 3.5, Chrome 2, and Safari 4 all already
> > have that property, IE7 (at least, haven't tested IE8) and Opera10 do
> > not.
> I have a hunch we could get function names in the same way that we
> implement Function#argumentNames. A regex on the toString.

I should have looked first - this is function decompilation and considered a 
bad thing.

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