I've just gotten a chance to look at the new PDoc-generated
documentation, and I think making a few stylistic changes would really
improve the usability of the new docs:

* Class methods no longer immediately listed under class header, and
are difficult to distinguish while skimming. A simple fix for this
might be to just put them immediately under the class header, where
the style may not be as big of an issue because of its location.
* The list of methods/examples all runs together visually. Indenting
the content of each method after the header would improve things here
by establishing a visual hierarchy, I think.
* "Examples" headers are bold, black, and larger while method headers
are gray and smaller, making the "example" header stand out over the
method names. I think you could just switch this so that method names
are in an <h3> while the "example" header is in an <h4>, which would
reverse the styling.

Especially with this going forward as the "default" template for PDoc,
and Prototype being a high-profile user of it, making the style as
readable as possible should promote adoption of what is shaping up to
be a great documentation tool.

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