I've implemented a simple library on the top of DOM storage and IE
userData to act as a browser side caching solution called DOMCached
(www.domcached.com). The library acts like a kind of javascript
memcached caching solution - a script can store objects to the cache
and retrieve it later on another pageview.

For example if the user is already made an Ajax request and the data
is stored to the DOMCache then there is no need to do this request to
the server again. Or if you try to fill out a form and your browser
crashes - if the data was stored to the cache by the script then
nothing is lost when you re-open the form. And so on, the
possibilities are endless.

Anyhow - I was wondering if similar functionality (or DOMCached
itself) could be added to the Prototype library?

Best regards,
Andris Reinman

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