On Sep 29, 10:12 am, andris <andris.rein...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I've implemented a simple library on the top of DOM storage and IE
> userData to act as a browser side caching solution called DOMCached
> (www.domcached.com). The library acts like a kind of javascript
> memcached caching solution - a script can store objects to the cache
> and retrieve it later on another pageview.
> For example if the user is already made an Ajax request and the data
> is stored to the DOMCache then there is no need to do this request to
> the server again. Or if you try to fill out a form and your browser
> crashes - if the data was stored to the cache by the script then
> nothing is lost when you re-open the form. And so on, the
> possibilities are endless.

I've done something similar (although not publicly available yet) :)

Why don't you use database abstraction when available? It would fill
in those Safari 3 and Chrome gaps.

> Anyhow - I was wondering if similar functionality (or DOMCached
> itself) could be added to the Prototype library?

I can't speak for everyone in the core, but most definitely not. This
is clearly more suited for a standalone "module".

On a side note, I haven't noticed any unit tests; only functional ones
on the front page.

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