Try to use url parameters with url and not in parameters:

new Ajax.Request(
    {method: 'get',
     onSuccess: function(){...},
     //parameters:'search=bogotá' ,
     onFailure: function(){...}

It is not very cool fix :) but I can not find some bether...

On 2. Dec., 23:33 h., John <> wrote:
> If I sent a parameter with "bogotá" value over this code
> new Ajax.Request(url, {
>                   onSuccess: function(response) {
>                                        //code
>                  }
>                                  ,parameters:'search=bogotá'
> });
> When this arrived to php script through Mozilla  I need use
> htmlentities($searchParameter,ENT_COMPAT,'UTF-8');
> php function  to get the "&acute;"entity.
> but in Internet explorer I need use  htmlentities($searchParameter);
> without 'UT8-Charset' ,
> to get the "&acute;"entity.
> I think this doesn't have to be different between browsers.
> I tried with enconding parameter set to "UTF-8" in the Ajax Request,
> but I got the same results.

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