on the rebound from a 'tour de force' of W3C specs pertaining to the
DOCTYPE and it's cripling effects on IE's (not) handling improperly
written input tags I was wondering:

Given I have a HTML string
When I call Object.validate( html_string [, doc_type])
Then I can see whether the HTML string is valid

{ errors_count: 2, warnings_count: 1, errors: { 1: { line: 5, short:
'short description', help: URL }, 2: {}}, warnings: { 1: { } } } =
Object.validate( string [, string] )

with URL being a link  to the non conformancy related W3C document/

Just a thought :)

BTW: You could - using the validate method - build validation into
methods like Element#replace and #update, when supplying an option or


ps. I'm in way pointing my fingers at IE which (in this case) turns
out to be the exemplary scholar in class, sticking to the standards

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