Native JSON in IE8 is fixed (February 24, 2010) by Microsoft. -

Could it be HTTP header related issue? Do you use X-JSON header?


On 14 helmi, 19:22, Johan Arensman <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I've updated the prototype version in my application from to 1.7.
> Everything works just fine except for the fact that IE8 gives "Out of
> stackspace" errors.
> The app dynamically loads several html pages / javascript files when you
> open different 'modules'. After the 1.7 update this still works fine, no
> errors but when I click a link to move to another page (so actually reload
> my page, no ajax call) I get the "Out of stackspace" error.
> After some Googeling i 
> found:
> with the same error but here it's caused by the JSON parser. I haven't used
> the JSON object at all, and the pages that are loaded don't use any JSON
> methods.
> I've mailed with Tobie Langel to ask what the fix was for the JSON parser,
> but he replied:
> Oh, sorry, looked at the bug report again.
> > No, your issue wasn't fixed and the only way I can imagine having it
> > fixed is to either stop using Prototype or not use native JSON in IE8.
> When I press debug, and take a look at the stacktrace I see that the
> _destroyCache method is called and the out of stackspace error occurs when
> stopObserving is called on the registry.
> Is this the cleanup routine from Prototype on unload?
> I'm totally lost on how to handle this and I really don't want to revert to
> Any tips are welcome!
> Greetings,
>  Johan

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