In the currently latest version of prototype.js

there is no def for onSuccess?  yet when I use

Ajax.Request(url, { onSuccess : function(r) { ... }    it works...

So is it defined some where else?

I was mainly looking for the conditions of success, because Jeremy
Keith in his book Bulletproof AJAX says that the status of 200 and 304
both should be considered a success.  He says some version of Opera
does a conditional GET to check whether the page in cache is up to
date, and if it is, then the status 304 is returned instead of 200.

Thought, when I try the latest version of Opera using the most basic
form of AJAX (XmlHttpRequest or the Microsoft ActiveX), then I only
see a 200 status, never a 304.

There is a check in prototype

  success: function() {
    var status = this.getStatus();
    return !status || (status >= 200 && status < 300);

but it doesn't include 304.  Does someone know?  Many thanks!

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