My issue was more that the API is confusing. It states that all
callbacks can be registered with Ajax.Responders and this is not true.

I hate messing about with prototype source code - I much prefer to
write my own classes that extend it - as then theoretically they
should still work with future prototype versions. So I've gone with
switching on the status in an onComplete registered with an

It would just be more semantic if I could have a on404, on419 (my user
input invalid error code) etc callbacks. This is something that should
be included in future prototype versions - I'm sure given the
conflicts in the API that there was an intention for this in the last
version anyway.

On Sep 10, 4:17 am, darrinholst <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > @Darrinholst could you please post a ticket about your 
> > issue:
> I really didn't have an issue with it, but I'm more than happy to make
> a contribution 
> -
> My solution/hack posted previously provides generic fallback error
> handling if it the error wasn't handled by the individual request, but
> I think it should work for bluezehn if I'm understanding the original
> question correctly.
> > I know some contributors have fixed this issue on there own during
> > their own rewrites of the ajax portion
> > of Prototype.
> > It would be nice to tie it to a ticket so we can start attaching
> > patches.
> Not sure if I'm missing something obvious, but there wasn't much to
> the fix, just a check for 'Complete' status and two dispatches to the
> Ajax.Responders (and the test of course).
> Darrin
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