I have a asp page that displays the results of a DB query in a table.
There are certain parts of the table that I have successfully made
into draggable elements. The purpose of this table is to act like a
status display for vehicles. The top of the table shows the status
names and the left of the table shows each vehicle from the query.
Within the body of the table, each vehicle will have its current
status displayed in the appropriate status column with a colored box
and the vehicle number. Each box is draggable only in the horizontal
direction and has a snap set to each column position. When a user
viewing that page drags a vehicle from one status to another, I need
the status of the dragged element to be changed to its new status
depending on which column it was dropped into. Then that page is to be
refeshed showing the new and updated statuses. This has been quite a
challenge for me to figure out...and unfortunately without much
success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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