I think a scriptaculous autocompleter is the best solution to this
problem. You don't want to muck about with where the user is on a page
unless you absolutely have to, and an autocompleter doesn't have to
work like it's a "drop down". You can just change the population of
the ul and leave it as a plain bullet pointed ul rather than styled as
a "popup" below the form.

Besides, you could offer this functionality then any user with a half
decent browser (even IE 6+) can search the page using the browser's
native search and that will automatically jump around to the
results.This way you offer users both possibilities.

On Sep 12, 3:18 pm, Matt Foster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I don't know about this "entire document" idea, if they're freely
> typing anywhere, A) As Justin mentioned shortcuts such as ctrl T for a
> new tab might be broken, and B) They're going to have no idea what
> they've already typed nor have any idea how many times they've hit
> backspace when trying a new search etc.  There has to be some form of
> data representation for the input.
> On Sep 12, 10:06 am, "Justin Perkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Yes you could just setup a keyup observer on the entire document, the
> > two problems that I see right away is that any keyboard shortcuts the
> > user already uses may or may not work any longer depending on how you
> > write your code. Secondly, depending on the size of the list of links,
> > the script may take a while to process each keypress.
> > There's a few other issues I'd be concerned with, but the above is
> > probably enough to think about for now. Having a textbox to type into
> > would solve the first problem. Keeping a copy of the list of links in
> > a local variable would help to solve the second problem.
> > -justin
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