Forms added to a document via innerHTML (which Ajax updater uses) are
not recognized at part as the DOM. You can add fields to a form this
way, but not forms themselves.

You may need to add a <form> tag (using new Element) then put the
contents of your form inside it. Alternately, you can have the <form>
tag as part of your HTML to begin with.

On Sep 16, 7:59 am, luftikus143 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi there,
> my initial page has (at least) two forms. How do I handle then for
> example a list of radio buttons in the newly generated code via
> Ajax.Updater? I need a Javascript which loops through the radio
> buttons to see which one has been selected and returns this one to one
> of the forms. In most cases a loop like this one
>    for (var i=0; i<document.form[0].selectedID_temp.length; i++)
>    {
>       ....
>    }
> does it. But not always. Sometimes the form[0] results in an error
> message. It seems it depends where my form has been positioned on the
> page.
> Can anyone give me a hint what the most practical way is to get this
> done? Hope my explanation was good enough...
> Thanks for any help!
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