Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I found that js can't get at the file
system and did a little looking around. I found this AJAX IFRAME

At first glance it seems like a resonable solution, however now I have
to figure out how to get ColdFusion to gain access to the form var
that's passed over.

Thanks again,


On Sep 17, 12:04 pm, Matt Foster <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Greetings Brent,
>        Its not that Prototype has somehow neglected this aspect, but
> simply the fact that an input type='file' cannot be transferred as you
> have expected.  Its value is a path, not the source of the file
> itself. There are very strict rules on this input type for security
> reasons.  Javascript never has access to the source of the file so it
> can't be placed into an XHR request.  As you noted you can keep a
> stateful web app and load the files via an off screen  IFRAME.  This
> is the best approach while sticking to DHTML, there are more advanced
> solutions using a Flash object but thus requiring your users to have
> the plugin.
> Regards,
>          Matt
> On Sep 17, 12:14 pm, BrentNicholas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I've read that Prototype can not seralize files that have been
> > selected for upload in the form. Found this out the hard way....
> > "Hrmm. Every thing else loaded... where's my file?"
> > Is this still the case?
> > I've read that most people do an iFrame solution.
> > Anyone have other ideas?
> > Thanks for your time,
> > BN- Hide quoted text -
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