To add to the list of ideas, I would recommend you override the
Ajax.InPlaceEditor#checkForEscapeOrReturn method to do what you want
since that's where this submit event is getting fired from.

  checkForEscapeOrReturn: function(e) {
    if (!this._editing || e.ctrlKey || e.altKey || e.shiftKey) return;
    if (Event.KEY_ESC == e.keyCode)
    else if (Event.KEY_RETURN == e.keyCode)
      return; //this.handleFormSubmission(e);

Ideally you would pass in an extra option when instantiating the IPE
and then in the above code snippet you could check for the existence
of an option before blocking the form submit event.


P.S. Your users might see this as a bug since submitting a form on
"return key press" is expected behavior.

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