Hi Hugh,

> Now for my question:
> I would *like* to be able to drag-click an AddQ button and be able to
> drag the new question directly to where I want it; but I haven't been
> able to figure out how to go about this.  If I make the palette list
> sortable, I can drag the add-question button directly into the
> question-list; but then it's (a) a button, not a question, and (b) no
> longer in the palette list.  I've been looking at the Sortable
> ghosting option; it sounds like it would solve (b) but not (a), and I
> don't really want users to be able to reorder the palette either.

I think you should use a div (which could look like a button) instead
of a button. Then when the user drop that element, you could execute
the onDrop callback in the droppable class. This event could be used
to create the question and update the droppable container accordingly.
The ghost effect could also be used, so the "button" will return at
it's original position.

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