Hi Hugh,

I think TJ is right , because I have an answer for you :((
If it is not what you attempt, then post a reply to explain what you
want and we can go forward step by step !!

For your problem, if you have a *LIVE* exemple that could probably
help, because the code you give us is a template without any JS and
it's harder to debug :)

So reply if I'm wrong in my answer.


On 18 sep, 12:55, david <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Hugh,
> > Now for my question:
> > I would *like* to be able to drag-click an AddQ button and be able to
> > drag the new question directly to where I want it; but I haven't been
> > able to figure out how to go about this.  If I make the palette list
> > sortable, I can drag the add-question button directly into the
> > question-list; but then it's (a) a button, not a question, and (b) no
> > longer in the palette list.  I've been looking at the Sortable
> > ghosting option; it sounds like it would solve (b) but not (a), and I
> > don't really want users to be able to reorder the palette either.
> I think you should use a div (which could look like a button) instead
> of a button. Then when the user drop that element, you could execute
> the onDrop callback in the droppable class. This event could be used
> to create the question and update the droppable container accordingly.
> The ghost effect could also be used, so the "button" will return at
> it's original position.
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