Naturally, I found it in the source as soon as I asked in public.

// Tokenized incremental autocompletion is enabled automatically
// when an autocompleter is instantiated with the 'tokens' option
// in the options parameter, e.g.:
// new Ajax.Autocompleter('id','upd', '/url/', { tokens: ',' });
// will incrementally autocomplete with a comma as the token.
// Additionally, ',' in the above example can be replaced with
// a token array, e.g. { tokens: [',', '\n'] } which
// enables autocompletion on multiple tokens. This is most
// useful when one of the tokens is \n (a newline), as it
// allows smart autocompletion after linebreaks.

Now here's another poser. I am using a negative regex instead of a  
positive one to split words inside my server logic, I wonder how best  
to describe this:


with an array of characters as tokens requires?

Thanks again,


On Sep 18, 2008, at 7:25 AM, Walter Lee Davis wrote:

> I seem to recall from the Bad Old Wiki that there was a way to
> autocomplete individual words in a multiple word input. I have read
> the New Git Wiki, and don't see any reference to that there. Could
> someone please remind me how to do this:
> Input: meat, fish, egg
> ---------------------------------
> Hint:                      egg
>                                eggs

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