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2008/10/1 Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I am trying to use ProtoHover[1] to create menu items out of nested
> DIVs. My HTML construction is as follows:
> <div id="item1">
>        <p>Menu 1</p>
>        <div style="display:none">
>        <ul>
>                <li>option 1</li>
>                ...
>        </ul>
> </div>
> When I test this using show() and hide() as my only transition, there
> is no issue. Everything stays in synch, nothing gets stuck.
> When I test it using blindDown and blindUp (from the latest official
> release of as the transition, about half the time
> the options DIV will get stuck showing out of the bottom of the
> parent nav div. (That DIV has a colored background, and so the "tab"
> grows downward to show its options) Once this happens, the only cure
> is to reload the page. FireBug does not report anything wrong when it
> does go awry.
> I am using FF2.latest on a Mac, if that makes any difference, I have
> also seen the problem occur in Safari 3.
> document.observe('dom:loaded',function(){
>        $('item1').hover(
>                function(){
>                        $('item1').down('div').show(); //works
>                        //$('item1').down('div').blindDown({duration:0.4});
>                },function(){
>                        $('item1').down('div').hide();
>                        //$('item1').down('div').blindUp({duration:0.4});
>        });
> });
> Thanks in advance,
> Walter
> 1.
> >

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