I am trying to use ProtoHover[1] to create menu items out of nested  
DIVs. My HTML construction is as follows:

<div id="item1">
        <p>Menu 1</p>
        <div style="display:none">
                <li>option 1</li>

When I test this using show() and hide() as my only transition, there  
is no issue. Everything stays in synch, nothing gets stuck.

When I test it using blindDown and blindUp (from the latest official  
release of Script.aculo.us) as the transition, about half the time  
the options DIV will get stuck showing out of the bottom of the  
parent nav div. (That DIV has a colored background, and so the "tab"  
grows downward to show its options) Once this happens, the only cure  
is to reload the page. FireBug does not report anything wrong when it  
does go awry.

I am using FF2.latest on a Mac, if that makes any difference, I have  
also seen the problem occur in Safari 3.

                        $('item1').down('div').show(); //works

Thanks in advance,


1. http://code.google.com/p/protohover/

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