I like to apply a background image to the input for such cases, that
way the input's value is untouched yet the UI can indicate the purpose
of the field.  Also with an image your watermark can be a faded grey,
further indicating its transparent presence.

On Oct 2, 9:40 am, Christophe Porteneuve <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Key points to remember:
> • Add the watermark BY JS, as you'll be removing it by JS
> • Observe the focus event, not the click event
> • Only remove the contents in there IF it is the watermark
>    (and make sure your watermark wouldn't make a valid input text
>    for the field, too).
> • Make sure you remove the watermark pre-submit as well, otherwise
>    you'll detect it as invalid (or even valid!) input, instead of
>    lack of input.
> --
> Christophe Porteneuve aka TDD
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