This has issues with visually disabled visitors. There's a great  
article on ALA[1] about this very thing, and the result is incredibly  
elegant in an all-singing, all-dancing browser and yet degrades  



On Oct 2, 2008, at 11:06 AM, Matt Foster wrote:

> I like to apply a background image to the input for such cases, that
> way the input's value is untouched yet the UI can indicate the purpose
> of the field.  Also with an image your watermark can be a faded grey,
> further indicating its transparent presence.
> On Oct 2, 9:40 am, Christophe Porteneuve <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Key points to remember:
>> • Add the watermark BY JS, as you'll be removing it by JS
>> • Observe the focus event, not the click event
>> • Only remove the contents in there IF it is the watermark
>>    (and make sure your watermark wouldn't make a valid input text
>>    for the field, too).
>> • Make sure you remove the watermark pre-submit as well, otherwise
>>    you'll detect it as invalid (or even valid!) input, instead of
>>    lack of input.
>> --
>> Christophe Porteneuve aka TDD
> >

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