Thanks for your response. I tried as you mentioned, but couldn't get
the afterFinish:function() part to work properly, and it didn't help
with IE's behavior.

Out of pure luck, I think I've stumbled upon the solution--add
"Overflow: Hidden" to the style of each frame's DIV.

On Oct 3, 9:38 pm, Diodeus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> For starters, don't use setTimeout to control the flipping of slides.
> Use the built-in delay function.
> Instead of this:
>  setTimeout("Effect.Appear('slideshow" + frame + "');", 1000);
> Do this:
> new Effect.Appear('slideshow'+frame,{delay:1.0})
> If you need to call another function after the effect runs, do this:
> new Effect.Appear('slideshow'+frame,{delay:1.0, afterFinish:function()
> {somethingElse()}})

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