First of all, I'm talking about the form on: http://tle.vaarties.nl
upper left corner below "Quick solution".

I succesfully implemented prototype in my form and it works
great in Opera and Firefox.

In IE 6 the form doesn't even show any AJAX stuff, you have to press
the "Submit" like button.

In Chrome and Safari, the AJAX stuff works until you choose a
"Category". When you do that, the form resets and it won't respond

What should happen:

1) The user selects an option in : "Choose your game".
--> The browser fetches the data for the next (or next two) lists.
2) The user makes a choice in the next changable list, being "Choose
your platform" or "Choose your category".
--> The browser fetches the category or the levels.
3) The user chooses a level if there is any.
--> The browser fetches the level and shows it right of the form.

Step 2 is the one that fails in Chrome and Safari, on IE only the list
"Choose your level" works after you've fetched the other list with the
"Get ...." button.

Is this a known problem?

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