I'm working on a dropdown menu using the script.aculo.us effects.
I've got a button that onmouseover uses the Effect.SlideDown to slide
a div down and that works great.  But, I want the menu to slide back
up when the mouse is moved off of the menu.  This is the code to lower
the menu: <a href="#" onmouseover="Effect.SlideDown('menubox'); return
false;">Menu</a>.  It works perfect.  Here is the code to raise it
back: <div id="menubox" onmouseout="Effect.SlideUp('menubox'); return

What happens is, when you move the mouse over the div after it lowers,
it retracts (onmouseover, not onmouseout like it should).  After that
first time, if you lower it again, it stays and when you move the
mouse off, it retracts like it should.  But then, the next time you
lower it, instead of sliding down like it's supposed to, it appears at
the bottom of the page and then raises and lowers randomly in the
wrong place.

Any ideas?

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