Hi Jack7890,

Creating the slider is not a good idea inside a hidden div by the
display attribute.
Because the event can't initialize with hidden element (It's like the
element does not exist).

I think, but not tested, that you should first create sliders inside a
"visibility:hidden" div and when all sliders are created, than change
the visibility to use display:none.
Otherwise, the opacity property could help, as 0 is hidden.

REM: By using display you detach the element from DOM, so he don't
reserve space on the page. But with opacity or visibility, the space
of the element is keep.


On 30 oct, 18:47, jack7890 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've developed a set of sliders using script.aculo.us that allows my
> users to rate content.  The sliders work perfectly.  However, I'd like
> set the sliders to be hidden by default and to only appear when the
> user clicks a button.  So I set the div that contains all the sliders
> to "display:none".  I did this within the HTML (not in the CSS).
> Now, when the user clicks the button that removes the display:none
> property, the sliders appear, but they do not function!  I am unable
> to move the handles, and the handles are not located in the places
> they are supposed to be.
> I am stumped by how to fix this.  I don't understand how just adding
> "display:none" to the sliders container div would cause them to
> initialize incorrectly.  Can anyone help me with this?
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