Hi everybody,

I got a strange situation: in IE6, while my JavaScript is running, the
mouse cursor changes evertime, instead of always being the same type
(default). This behavior does not occurs in IE7 or FF, only in IE6.

Now, the fun: if I open de Gucci website (http://www.gucci.com/us/
index2.html), which uses Prototype and Scriptaculous, and then back to
my site, this problem disapear! :-) Conclusion: there is something (a
hack, maybe) in prototype or scriptaculous, that fix this behavior in
IE6... If I close IE and open it again, the problem is back.

I spent about 4 hours analysing prototype and scriptaculous source
code and found some things about IE, but not only specific that could
help me with this situation.

Does anybody has a tip about this ou the same problem? Thank you in

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