I've added a script.aculo.us autocompleter to my website, which is
working nicely with one exception: the indicator (the graphic that's
supposed to show up while the AJAX request processes) is appearing at
times when it should not.  For example, the following sequence

1) I enter something in the input field that uses the autocompleter
2) The indicator shows up while the AJAX processes, and then
disappears once the different options have been returned
3) I select an option (all is working well so far)
4) I navigate to a different tab in my browser (without having moved
the cursor out of the field)
5) I navigate back to the original tab.  At this point, the indicator
is showing, and it does not disappear until I click somewhere on the

Why would this be happening?  Has anyone else experienced this?  I
don't think it's making an actual AJAX request, because the indicator
displays constantly until I click the page.

In case it's helpful, the code I'm using is pasted below.  I'm using
the symfony framework, which explains the non-standard syntax:

        <div class="autocomplete">
                        <?php echo input_auto_complete_tag(
                array('autocomplete' => 'off', 'size' => 50),
                array('use style' => true,
                    'indicator' => 'autocompleteWaitingIndicator'
                    ) ?>
        <div id="autocompleteWaitingIndicator" style="display:none"></

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