I have a file upload widget working perfectly on Safari 3 and Firefox  
2 (both on Mac), and Firefox 3 on XP but dying horribly on IE6 SP3 on  

Dying horribly is probably a bit harsh, the upload part works fine,  
and I am able to remove the stale file inputs from my layout, but I  
can't seem to update my file list on screen. (If I reload the page,  
then the list gets current info.)

Here's the script that is loaded in the hidden iframe:

        var filesList = parent.document.getElementById('list');
        function updateForm(){
                Element.insert(filesList,{bottom:'<?= $files_list ?><li><span  
class="right"><img src="/Resources/icns/delete.png" width="16"  
height="16" alt="" class="icon remove_file" /></span><input  
type="file" name="userfile[]" class="file" /></li>'})

$files_list is an indeterminate number of fully-formed LI tags,  
depending on how many images were uploaded. It gets expanded by PHP  
before the iframe page is served.

The filesList reference works, and I know that the element is being  
extended, because the remove() part works correctly. But no matter  
what I try to insert into filesList later (I even tried with a simple  
<li>howdy</li> to see if multiple rows at a time was the issue) no  
insertion happens.

Does anyone have any idea what might be happening here?

Thanks in advance,


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