I've extensively used class.create for a calendar - each week has a
class containing 7 days, also represented as objects of a class.

1 ) But the problem is it's turned out to be a bit of a memory eater
as there's quite a lot of methods on both classes. Should architecture
like this be a problem with memory?

Regardless of the answer to the above question (which I really, really
hope is no!), I'd also like to know the answer to some more

2) If you remove an element from the DOM, are observers for that
element also removed?

3) Does
var bla = $('foo');
// do some stuff with bla, leave it lying around on an object

Constitute a memory leak? Or is that only when you also do:
var bla = $('foo');
$('foo').obj = bla;

4) What are other causes of common memory leaks in prototype usage?

Thanks alot for any answers.
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