Hi all,
       Well to tell u the truth i dont know anything about protype but
eager to use it.
i have written a function
function al()
        var scrollCovered=document.viewport.getScrollOffsets()['top']
        (document.viewport.getHeight()<=$('build').offsetHeight &&
a simple function to get the viewport,height and width.
as you can see i just wanted to add or remove class property from div
container. the thing is that
the error generated is document.viewport is undefined + it is also not
recognizing the "$()" syntax
i think that as i am new here in "prototype" i dont know the way to
install the "prototype-" to my project and i was unable to
find any way to do it on web. if i am right do tell me how to include
or install or etc the prototype into my project or if not what should
i do. Please help me

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