I've been working on a problem today and wanted to share the results  
here. I have a very tall list of authors on a page, and wanted to make  
a simple filter field where you could type in a few characters of the  
name and have the list shrink down to only include matches. After  
struggling for an hour or more with various different methods, I  
finally stopped trying to swim upstream and did less.

I was using a Form.Element.Observer, but inside that function I was  
using an optimized (backwards) for loop to iterate over my found array  
of list items, and toggling visibility on each one in turn. This was  
taking forever, causing a beachball on an 8-core Mac Pro in Firefox (I  
shudder to think what would happen in a lesser Mac).

I was looking through the various enumerable options and saw reject,  
and then select, and the lightbulb went on:

                var t = $$("#listAll li");
                var f = $F("filter");
                new Form.Element.Observer(
                        function(el, value){
                                if(value != f){
                                        f = value;

This behaves the way you would want it to -- so fast that the change  
doesn't register until the list starts getting very short.


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