Make sure that the script containing the autocomplete stuff is at the  
bottom of your page (or at least lower in the source order than the  
element you are trying to apply the effect to) and it should work as  
written. Otherwise, wrap the new Autocompleter.Local part inside of a  
window.load or document.dom:loaded listener.


On Dec 2, 2008, at 6:25 AM, charliem wrote:

> I was looking for on the web for a way of autocompleting and found
> this. I have looked over the wiki at Github and used the example lines
> there to put it in my htmlas below.
> I have loaded the .js scripts to /javascripts but nothing is working.
> Am I missing something very obvious?
> Is this dependent on AJAX or something? Please forgive the ignorance
> but I have had absolutley no experience of AJAX or such like.

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