Weird, I could have sworn I tried that, but it seems to be working
now. :)

Thanks muchly. :)

On Dec 6, 1:14 am, Walter Lee Davis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Dec 4, 2008, at 11:35 PM, Pc_Madness wrote:
> > Hey guys, does anyone know of a way of including the Builder and
> > Effects files without using the load function in Scriptaculus.js? I'm
> > passing the page through a Proxy which fiddles with the links to
> > things, but it misses the files which Scriptaculus includes.  I tried
> > just putting them in as <script> links but it doesn't pick them up and
> > I get super awesome infinite loop of 'this.Render is not found'
> > nastiness. :p
> > The error I'm getting atm is,
> > Error: $("bgFader").appear is not a function
> > so I'm assuming that means Effect.js was never included, but perhaps
> > I'm wrong and its another issue.
> > So I spose the question is can I include the files using <script>
> > tags?
> You've answered your own question. Just be sure to add them to the  
> head of your page in the canonical order, and you can skip the main  
> loader (scriptaculous.js) altogether.
> scriptsrc prototype.js
> scriptsrc builder.js
> scriptsrc effects.js
> Line 52 of scriptaculous.js lays out the order in which these files  
> expect to be added.
> Walter
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