site im developing is not live but similar to

Is there much use in creating a slider function to run all the sliders
from would this make much of a difference?

On Dec 17, 4:35 am, RobG <> wrote:
> On Dec 17, 3:13 am, Craig <> wrote:
> > I have a very graphics intense website with 4 sliders on each coded in
> > a serperate JS file.
> > Recently i have developed a full screen image viewer that behaves much
> > like lightbox. I am using the effects library to BlindDown the image
> > and alternates in their containers as well as Appear/Fading a
> > background that covers the whole page.
> > Problem is that this makes the browser lag and the animation does not
> > look smooth at all.
> > Does anyone have any tips that could be helpful for me to improve the
> > FPS as i am not the most experienced js programmer?
> Optimisation for speed usually starts by finding the code that is most
> sluggish.  You can spend a very long time optimising by doint things
> like replacing for loops with do loops or whatever for marginal
> improvement when some other simple change, like replacing extensive
> use of += to concatenate strings with Array.join or just plain +
> (specific to IE), can have a dramatic effect.
> Post a link.
> You might also consider whehter your effects add to the functionality
> of the page or are just a nusance.
> --
> Rob
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