Hi there.  I have an application that uses Ajax.Updater to render some
data inside a div based on user input - This is fairly vanilla app
using Prototype and the code of my simple page is listed here:


Now this Ajax.Updater call works correctly in IE 7, IE8 BETA, Firefox
2 and 3, Opera, Safari and even my iPhone safari browser :) but it
does not work correctly in IE6.  Unfortunately I still have a few
users that have IE6 on their desktops and I see 2 different types of
behavior.  In one instance, the browser crashes when Ajax.Updater
fires and in another instance, only part of the data is rendered.  I
have Fiddler (HTTP debugging proxy) running and I see the entire
payload delivered with an HTTP status of 200 but the browser chooses
to render just part of it.  And so either the browser crashes or it
doesn't work but the latest Prototype release does not seem like IE6.
The data coming back is HTML form data with input fields, checkboxes
and select boxes with some script data and I have evalScripts set to

Is this a known issue?  Is there a fix or workaround for this?  I'd
hate to revert back to an earlier version of Prototype and miss out on
all the benefits of v1.6.0.3.  Any guidance would be greatly
appreciated.  Thank you


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