Ok, I am really not the biggest JS guru on the planet. Consider me a
newbie on SU and javascript.

So, alright, here is the big plan: I have my small to do list and I
want to be able to drag around items in the list. tasks can have
subtasks and that should be the end of the line. no sub sub tasks.

I am far away from realizing that. I think it might have been smarter
to implement this directly using SU's drag and drop abilities.
however, what i did try was forcing sortables to do what i want and i
did not come far. not only am i far away from realizing the 2-level
restriction; more importantly, i can't convince the library to allow
drops on empty items.

i gave them an empty sublist. i turned on "drop on empty". i added a
display:none child element to the sublists. nothing!

in an ideal work, i would tackle the problem like this:

in happy world, sortables would allow leaves to get child nodes
without obstructions. i would set the only attribute to a class name,
and after every update, i would update the classes so that only
elements on the first level would have this class set, so nothing can
be dragged beyond level 2.

also, after every update, i would check if level 3 got created (could
happen( and would smoothe it back to level 2.

could someone give me a hand, please?



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