Hey all,

I am building a form and I would like the end user to be able to "add"
form fields as needed.  I am doing a website for a scuba organization
one of the sections on the user registration form deals with a user's
various certifications.  Obviously some users will have more
certifications than others so I was thinking that the best way to
handle this would be to display one set of options "Certifying Agency"
and "Certification Type" and then allow the user to add pairs of these
as necessary using an add button or text link.

The posted data will then be inserted into a mysql db, any idea on how
should I handle the dynamic number of "certifications?"  I am using a
relational database structure so any inserted certifications will be
entries of their own in a relational table linking the user id to the
certifying agency's id to the type id.

Anyways I am a new user of anything ajax or js related, and I am just
beginning to learn some of the foundations...

I am not looking for a full-on code write up, rather some suggestions
or if you know of any examples like this?

Let me know if this doesn't make sense or if you need more details.

As usual thank you for all the help, one day I hope that I might be
able to to constructively respond to some of the questions in this

Take care,
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