Hey all!  I'm sorry, but I've been butting up against this for a day
and a half now, and I'm exhausted.  It seems simple.

Basically, I'm trying to use the WebKit "contenteditable" attribute to
create a smallish front end for a database... so what I did was put a
few divs on the page and then passing their IDs to a class, which has,
amongst other functions, load()... well, here it is:

var fp_EditField = Class.create({

  initialize: function(el) {

  load: function()  {
      alert(('check #1: ' + this.id);
      new Ajax.Updater(this,'loader.php',{parameters: {field:
this.id}, onComplete: function(){
        alert('check #2: ' + this.innerHTML);


and some regular old HTML:

<div id="article_title" contenteditable="true"><p>Just some average
HTML in here!</p></div>

and then inside Event.observe(window,'load'...):

$$('[contenteditable=true]').each(function(el) {

  var ef = new fp_EditField(el);


Now, for starters, is that a ridiculous way to pass that pre-existing
HTML to my class?   With that Object.extend(this,el) call?  And then
also iterating through all the contenteditable DIVs... using the same
ef for each of them is surely a mistake...

And further... an earlier version of my code (before I was using
onComplete), the innerHTML was being reported as being the same as it
was before the Ajax call.  Now, however, Check #1 is giving me the ID
of the DIV, and Check #2 is undefined.

Can somebody set me straight?  I hope I'm being clear, I'm feeling
REALLY cloudy about this right now.  I feel like I've explored so many
avenues that I can't keep them straight anymore.  I've tried things
like Element.update() but it seems like perhaps there is a disconnect
between the actual instance of the DIV and the one that I'm trying to
operate on...

Ok!  Thanks in advance!
Ian R
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