I find out what was wrong. Just like checkboxes in struts, I have to reset the 
attribute before I populate it.  The script works, but struts is just a little 
more stubborn.

Thanks for your help! 

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On Jan 9, 7:04 pm, cyiam <shintamann...@wellsfargo.com> wrote:


> The javascript looks as below:
> $('removeFeature').observe('click',function(){
>                 var deletedFeatures = $A($F('features'));
>                 deletedFeatures.each(
>                         function(feature){
>                                 $(feature).remove();
>                         });
>         });

Try something like:

$('removeFeature').observe('click',function() {
  $A($('features').options).findAll(function(el) {
    return el.selected;

P.S. It would be nice if there was a support for `:selected` css pseudo class


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