My form bean list has the following values:
 <select id="features" name="features" multiple >
<option value="17" id="17">Some cool feature</option>
<option value="19" id="19">Another cool feature</option>
<option value="20" id="20">Awesome feature</option>
<button id="removeFeature" name="removeFeature" value="Remove
Feature">&gt;&gt; -</button>

When I select on "Awesome feature" option and click on the
"removeFeature" button, the "features" element will show 2 remaining
options in the list. In other words, "Awesome feature" is no longer an
option.  But when I submit the form, the form bean still has the 3
original options!  I have tried everything (settting the selected to
false, added alerts, creating a dummy option etc), I'm out of ideas.


The javascript looks as below:

                var deletedFeatures = $A($F('features'));
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