On Jan 15, 7:52 pm, geoffcox <g...@freeuk.com> wrote:
> Nathan,
> I am not getting this yet!
> Say I have following simple form - what is
> getData(evt.element().myform);
> sending to getData()?
When 'send' is clicked, that function is called with the event as its
argument. It finds the element actually picked (even if that was a
separate element inside 'send' - but in this case there's no other
element, so it must be the button) and gets its 'myform' attribute,
which as far as I can see doesn't exist.

I'm guessing that you mean to return the form for some reason. If it
is that one form only, you can hard code it as


but if you want it to be more general, you can say


but I may have misunderstood your intent.


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