Hmm... that file's a Google file so there's nothing I can do with it,
plus you'd expect it to be working... hmm. I monitored the CPU usage,
it shoots to 100% right when it crashes. I guess it's all the JS, but
there's plenty of other sites using heavy javascript... any ideas?


On Jan 20, 1:58 pm, freshteapot <> wrote:
> Hello Matt,
> I went to the website and it only seems to be a javascript file to:
> <script src="
> maps2.api/main.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
> I would suggest running what tests you can on the individual scripts
> before starting to run tests which you can then combine with other
> libraries.
> Run it in firefox and see what errors it triggers as something which
> is causing IE to crash would probably give a little clue away at some
> point.
> Also, run IE with the taskmanager open and keep an eye on how much
> memory it starts to use. It could  be an indication of a script caught
> in a loop.
> On Jan 20, 10:32 pm, Matt <> wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > I have a webpage demo up at
> > Google doesn't pick up the name...). We're using a lot of scripts:
> > PT&Scripty, lightbox, a validation plugin and a slideshow script. I've
> > tried removing these to test out why it would break the page in IE6,
> > but short of removing them all at once, I can't seem to isolate the
> > causes.
> > Can anybody see anything on that page that could be causing IE to
> > crash so catastrophically?
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