I suppose I could use jQuery UI as it wouldn't clash, but I'd like to
stick with Scriptaculous as the code can be in onClick etc events
rather than all specified in the <head> region.

On Jan 19, 11:45 am, Phil W <phi...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm desperate to use Protoype and Scriptaculous in a projetct I'm
> working on. I'm having the standard jQuery vs Prototype
> incompatibility because of the shared use of the dollar symbol.
> I can't use the tips 
> athttp://docs.jquery.com/Using_jQuery_with_Other_Libraries
> because I can't modify any of the jQuery files as they are tied into
> my CMS (Drupal) - and I don't want to mess around with Drupal's files
> as any changes will only be overwritten when I upgrade.
> Instead I'd like to edit the Prototype and Scriptaculous files to
> remove the conflict over the $ sign. I've tried doing this myself, but
> broke the code, so it would be amazing if someone with more skill
> could help me explain how to change all the Prototype and
> Scriptaculous files to remove the conflict, and then how I would adapt
> the code I am currently using within my actual content, for example
> onclick="Effect.ScrollTo('restofhomepage'); return false;".
> Thanks a lot.
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