On Jan 24, 8:46 am, Радослав Станков <rstan...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Some time ago I played with prototype to make it more other frameworks
> friendly. So  I wrapped all prototype.js code in closure, and in the
> end just pass to the window all needed objects defined by prototype, I
> excluded some objects like - Abstract, Field, Form, Try, Insertation,
> witch I think should not be global variables or are deprecated. So I

I agree. It seems like those "globals" are almost never used.
Unfortunately, there's to much of a legacy code relying on all of

> this way I released from the framework only the variable I needed and
> use. Obviously I didn't prevent javascript prototype extensions, but I
> didn't want to do so :)

Err... Extending host objects is not any better (if not worse) than
spawning global variables. You can find plenty of evidence in a bug

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